The Antlers Grand Ballroom and Event Center is located in beautiful downtown Lorain on the corner of Erie and Washington Aves. The ballroom holds the true story to the beauty and grace of the historic era of Lorain. Constructed in 1922 when Lorain was at its peak the Antlers reminds the community of the grandeur of times past.
300 Washington Ave
Lorain OH 44052

(440) 245-2813
It was 1922, Lorain was hopping. The only way to go from Cleveland to Toledo was directly through the center of Lorain. Construction began on what was then the Antlers Hotel, a beauty of its day. Along with the hotel came a beautiful ballroom and a full service restaurant. Families from all around came to enjoy the grandeur of the hotel and dine within the restaurant. The ballroom thrived with dances and events every weekend, bringing hundreds of people from all around. We thought the days would never end. This practice continued through out the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and into the early 60's. Then, the by pass highway opened and there was a new, quicker path to travel from Cleveland to Toledo. With this path began the decline in the popularity of the Antlers Hotel. It ceased to exist by the early 60's.

The building sat vacant and deteriorated year after year until it had gotten in such disarray that the city had decided to condemn and demolish this building. This is where the new history began.

In 1986 the City of Lorain was ready to demolish this beautiful structure. Jon Veard, a born and raised Lorain resident, heard of the demise of the beautiful hotel. Mr. Veard could not stand the thought of loosing this beautiful icon, so he purchased it

and began the rehabilitation of, what now is, the Antlers Apartments.

When the rehabilitation took place the ballroom and restaurant were also restored. On the night of the "Grand Reopening" of the Antlers, hundreds and hundreds of people came to see this wonderful icon in its restored state. There was even a wedding on the stage, a couple in their 80's that were originally married in that same ballroom during the peak of its grandeur.

The restaurant closed in the late 90's. The ballroom once again took off and operated as a full service hall until 2009. In 2009 the caterers that ran the ballroom decided that it was time to retire and the ballroom once again was vacant. From 2009 until 2012 temporary walls were installed and a school operated out of the location, it appeared that the ballroom had seen its last days.

Then, in 2012 the school vacated and Mr. Veard decided that it was time to share this beauty with the community once more and started rehabilitating the ballroom again paying strict attention to keep the historic beauty of the era. The ballroom can house up to 325 guests. With this rehabilitation, the determination was made to turn the old restaurant into a Bridal Suite and Event Center. The Event Center consists of several rooms which hold from 20 to 56 occupants, which can be used to complete your Wedding package for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and bachelor parties. These rooms are also available for any other event you may need. We offer full catering or you may bring your own caterer in for all events.